Kamis, 06 Januari 2011


A positive approach is areal asset. Some people can instinctively push unpleasant thoughts out of their mind, while others dwell on the negative. The key is to try to focus more and more on the good rather than the bad.

Attitude is something which other people notice and management comment upon, so build up a positive attitude by practising the following techniques :

  • Practice being positive

Try to focus one aspect of your job at a time. By starting to make positive thoughts a habit it will be only a matter of time before you begin to reap rewards from your new attitude.

  • Talk about positive things at work

A negative attitude winds up some people and is not appreciated by others. You colleagues will regard you as a negative person if you moan constantly abou the bad aspects of tour job.

  • Search for the ‘good’ in others

Everyone has positive features and attributes, so look for these, and spread the good word about others. Think nice thoutghs about people and it is far more likely that this will be reflected in others.

  • Focus on what you like about your job and company

is it the people, place, location, environment, culture, policies, or product? Begin to be proud of what you do and who you work for.

  • Don’t let others distract you

Try to avoid letting other people’s negative thoughts affect you. Accept that you can only change yourself; if other people want to be negative, let them. At least then there is room for people to see the difference between you. Above all, preserve your own positive attitude.

(by Sarah Berry).

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